Craft Theatre is a reparatory ensemble theatre company based in London. We produce and create new work regularly in both live theatre and film formats. Founded in 2014 by Rocky Rodriguez Jr out of a practice-based research initiative Craft Theatre looks to push boundaries and to create exciting and exhilarating work for audiences in the UK and abroad.

Craft has been instantly regarded as a theatre powerhouse in regard to the actors’ authenticity and capacity to bear the deepest parts of themselves; providing the spectator with a rollercoaster of emotion and gripping moments.

Craft is truly on the brink of an entirely new way of creating. We use a very intense rehearsal process in which physical exhaustion and identity deconstruction are integral. Aesthetically, Craft subscribes to the 'poor theatre’. We believe in igniting the spectator’s imagination through gesture, physicality, and emotional authenticity. We don't use lavish sets, crazy light displays, royal costumes or digital representations. Craft's way of doing things ensures a simple and beautifully effective immediacy. We simply need a bare stage, a few lights, and spectators.


From the director, Rocky Rodriguez Jr:

"We [CRAFT] use exhaustion, and cognitive neuroscience to inform our practice, as well as findings from Boal, Stanislavski, Barba, Grotowski, and Staniewski.  We have honed a practice that allows the actor to understand and become master of their body, emotional reservoirs, and internal mechanism. Our unique way of working keeps the actor present, authentic, grounded, and always searching for development. Every performance is different. Every moment is dense. Spectators will be put on a journey; they will laugh and cry, re-examine their lives, experience passion, rigor, and witness the spark of creation. We see the theatre as a force that can be used to enlighten or to destroy. We will poke our spectators with themes that allow them a canvas to question their personal ethic systems, and base identities. Theatre can fulfill, we just have to let it"

Fearless, rigorous, heart-breaking, passionate and thought provoking, Craft can reignite or start your love for the theatre...either way, Craft brings a level of quality rarely seen, with pieces that will stick with you, get under your skin and into your soul.

A place for people:

Theatre is about bringing people together; friends, communities and strangers, to share an experience, to feel connection and to consider our own journeys and our place in the world. Theatre allows us to imagine what we are and what we can be, to be emancipated, to realise that we are not alone, and to strive for the changes that we wish to see. Craft Theatre is passionate about connecting with causes, communities and movements for positive change. We march, we rally, we volunteer and we would love to connect with you. Please see our contact page and get in touch!

Are you interested in volunteering to help the community? Volunteering to help refugees? Volunteering to take part in peaceful acts of resistance against oppression? But maybe you haven’t got the slightest clue on how to find the right place or people to express your solidarity?

CONTACT US at and tell us your story. We are very happy to connect you with the right people, or invite you to one of our acts of solidarity!

We are staunch advocates of human rights, justice and the fight against social and political oppression. We love freedom of movement, we love education, affordable housing and the NHS. We want to fight for acceptance, tolerance, and love. We aim to learn from different people with different backgrounds, and to help foster an open and compassionate society.

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If you have a script you would like to send Craft, please send to this address. We consider all proposals. Please allow ample time for a response