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Having trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama, Rocky Rodriguez Jr is no stranger to the stage or big screen, having worked on Hollywood Blockbusters such as Kick Ass 2 to Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. However, it is his innovative work as artistic director and founder of Craft Theatre that has really seen the performer turned director stand out from the crowd. Placing an emphasis on cognitive neuroscience, which combines both neuroscience and cognitive science to examine the intricacies of how the brain functions, Craft Theatre look to push the boundaries of theatre making by creating thrilling, original and emotionally charged theatre.

Fringe theatre was born of noble intentions – but today, venues across the country and especially London are part of the reason small theatre companies’ artistic merit is dependent on the machine of profit generation.

Craft Theatre’s Dante’s Inferno: A Modern Telling kicks off at The Rag Factory in east London in January. The Upcoming caught up with artistic director Rocky Rodriguez Jr to talk hell, comedy and what to expect next.

Sam Shepard’s vitriolic 2005 satire The God of Hell is an uncomfortable and imperfect play. Brutal and occasionally bemusing, it tells the story of a fugitive from a sinister government programme hiding from his pursuers on a Wisconsin dairy farm, its tone of gathering menace quickly dissolving into a surreal nightmare.

Clare, a young woman at university, happens upon an English translation of a play written by Hitler’s favourite playwright that upsets her entire world view. She can’t help but see strong parallels in how the media was manipulated then and now.

We should ban food in the theatre. There is nothing I hate more, when I sit down to watch my favourite actors and there’s an incessant nibbling polluting my ear holes from the fat smelly tourist spectator next to me, who is of course undeserving of a seat in the auditor...

Rallies, protests and direct action against government, lobbyists and corporations have been one of the few ways that positive change has been made for the 99% throughout history.

I am a theatre maker and I cannot pretend to be anything but, however.. What good is the theatre during a time of atrocity? Ideally, it holds a beacon of truth and deconstructs society so that we continuously develop as a species. Unfortunately, in our time the theatre...