If you’re looking for a theatrical experience with a difference then may we suggest you head over to the Rag Factory in the new year to see Craft Theatre’s production of Dante’s Inferno.

London Calling were lucky enough to catch up with Craft founder and director, Rocky Rodriguez Jr, to find out what to expect!

London Calling: For those that don’t know the story of Dante’s Inferno could you give us a brief overview?

Rocky Rodriguez Jr: Dante’s Inferno is the story of a person that must travel through layers of hell in order to find salvation.

LC: There’ve been various productions of Inferno over the years, how does yours differ?

RR: Our Inferno focuses on the sins of a person in modern western culture; self-idolatry, material obsession, conscious ignorance for instance. We also take a look at ‘states of mind’ (stresses, insecurities, fearful thoughts), we believe to be common among people, these types of thought processes seem to trap the individual in a state of hell, thereby making them miss their lives. ‘You do not have to believe in God to be in Hell, Dante’ (From Dante’s Inferno: A Modern Telling).

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Interview with Director Rocky Rodriguez Jr from London Calling