Rocky can unlock something inside you that is real. As an actor it is easy to become complacent and believe you know how to take on any character, Rocky taught me that I can never stop learning or improving. His sessions are intimate and a real good place to let go of your inhibitions and learn a lot about yourself...On top of working with Rocky then watching Dante’s Inferno, inspired me to work harder when you see the real committed performances from a well trained and passionate cast.

Chris Mason, Legend, Our World War, Vampire Academy

Working with Rocky has enabled me to massively deepen my connection with my imagination, my emotions and with allowing natural, believable thought processes to occur within a scene. His techniques have enabled me to let go of control and be present and ‘live’ within the moment and the circumstances in a way that feels authentic and effortless. As a director he is honest and to the point. He has enabled me to face my fears and to unblock, and working with him regularly has not only changed my acting, but my perspective as a whole. I am more connected to myself. More aware of my processes, stronger and less fearful. I have learned to trust my instructs and flow with my impulses in a way that was not always possible before. It is a shame that after drama school so many actors are unable to practice and hone their craft. Working with Rocky has reignited my passion and pushed me to be rigorous. He has helped me to develop, and practicing his techniques has helped me to get out of my head and find new levels of authenticity, connection and enjoyment in my performances.

Helen Foster, The Diver, London Improvathon, Arabian Nights, Walking Through Windows

Rocky Rodriguez is not just one of the most talented and inspiring directors I've worked with, he has become one of my closest friends. That's the way he likes to work; a close environment so that he can grow to really know the actor and individually cater to his/her needs as an artist. Hard working and devoted to his medium. A real visionary.

Ryan Prescott, Doctors, Emmerdale, Vampire Academy, Casualty, Coronation Street

Rocky Rodriguez, is grounded in a wide range of traditional and modern acting techniques, which he has merged and adapted into his own unique method, to ground the actor in the authenticity and truth of the present moment. He is energetic and inspiring to work with, and his methodology is transformative to the actors lucky enough to work with him. Making the actor understand his or her own narration, which does not only deepen the authenticity of character, but also the authenticity of the actor themselves, is a trade mark of Rocky Rodriguez. Working with Rocky for the past year has transformed my approach to acting and auditioning. And has given me a much deeper grounding in my craft.

Thomas Thoroe, Black Mirror, Red 2, The Ripper, Crowded Skies, The Borgias