The Craft Theatre, "Learning To Fish" Beginners Acting Craft Workshops and Classes

Rocky has developed a series of 1 on 1 actor training sessions that teach the student how to individually sustain their own actor development. He calls the course - 'Learning how to Fish..', because of the old phrase: 'Why give someone a fish so they can eat today, when you can teach them how to fish and they can eat forever'..

The workshops will develop your authenticity, presence, emotional range, ease and grounding in your techniques. Rocky makes the art of acting very simple, and teaches the student how 'to think' in the moment of performance.

As well as, freeing the body, and psychophysical understandings, he will teach you everything you need to know to practice and continue to develop the techniques on your own.

Rocky will work with you from 'where you are' in relation to understanding acting techniques and cater the training to develop you personally. That is a rare application, because the sessions are 1 to 1, your needs will be looked after properly.

The training can be useful for performers of all disciplines and levels of professionalism. If you're a beginner and know nothing about acting- with Rocky, your techniques will be grounded properly and you'll develop a rigorous understanding of the artistry. If you're a professional, then Rocky will simplify acting for you, to allow more inner freedom/fearlessness to use your impulses making you more captivating on stage or on film- you'll develop that 'X factor' so important in our competitive industry these days.

The ' Learning how to fish' course is 5 weekly sessions, and is £200 plus £50 for booking space (Which is half of space cost, Craft will cover the other half). Email for availability.

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