What are Roma Slots? How to Play?

Roma Slot

MGA developed Roma, a video slots game. It is a two-step process with controls that allow you to customize each spin. The สล็อตโรม่า has high stakes, so make sure you get as much information as possible before spinning the reels.

What is Roma?

Roma was played on two different game screens. You will choose which screen you use depending on your luck or tactics. They contain the paytable and many counters. The screen is quite crowded, despite the command buttons being located at the bottom. In the top game, the reels are held in a large temple with many famous Roman monuments as the background. Visuals are simple, but the overall arrangement and sound effects add depth. If you are interested in learning more about the gameplay, please continue to the next section.

Be ready to conquer

Roma has two reel sets. We will concentrate on the primary game for the moment to give you a better understanding about the game’s components. The primary reel set is composed of three reels that each have a single payline. Symbol combos are required to activate cash payouts down the line. Remember that the higher your risk, the greater the future return. Every spin in Roma is eligible for a nudge. A nudge is a slight movement of a reel that increases your chances of winning.

If you are one symbol short of a winning combination, the individual reels will detain themselves automatically. Roma also has an auto play function, which allows the reels to spin for an extended time on their own.

Twice the Fun

Two pay tables exist for Roma, one for each level. You will only find a helmet symbol in the main game. This may open a mini-game with additional payouts and a wild card that can be used to replace any other emblem.

The most common symbols in the base game are oranges, plums and lemons. They can earn you anywhere between 1 and 12 credits, depending on how high your bet level is. Next are the bells which can be purchased for 6 to 15 credits. Then comes the diamonds which can be bought for as high as $15,000 and are rarer. For a small reward, you can also get color combinations. These come in red, green, and blue. Three blue gems are worth 1,000 credits each.

To win big, you must get into the higher games as quickly as possible. Don’t be afraid to place big bets to win big. Also, keep an eye out to find unique symbols in main game.

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